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        Baotou has completed the first prefecture level green mine construction plan in China

        Date of issue:2018-08-30 | Number of visits:2058

        Recently, the country's first prefecture-level green mine construction plan-"Baotou City Green Mine Construction Plan" passed the review by an expert group composed of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Land and Resources Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and relevant experts from Baotou City.


        It is understood that the plan has been drafted for nearly a year and has been revised and improved after multiple rounds of comments. It is the first prefectural-level green mine construction plan to be developed and completed nationwide. It is in the establishment of a municipal-level green mining development demonstration zone. Some innovations. In November 2017, the Baotou Municipal Government issued an implementation plan, putting forward specific goals and tasks for the city's green mine construction in 2020 and 2025, and it is clear that the Baotou Municipal Land and Resources Bureau will lead the preparation of the city's green mine construction plan.


        The plan proposes to build a government-led, enterprise-based, departmental collaboration, and two-level joint creation working mechanism, to create a pilot demonstration area for green mining, and to promote the construction of green mines. In the northern part of Baotou City, establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly deep processing demonstration zone with rare earth and iron ore as the core and complementary tailings utilization; in the southern area, make every effort to build a gold-centric mining, beneficiation and smelting industry chain Demonstration Area. The plan takes 2017 as the base period of the plan, clearly strengthening scientific and technological innovation and comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection and restoration of mines, promoting environmental protection and construction of ecologically fragile areas, further promoting the construction of green mines, and completing 20 autonomous region-level green mines by 2020 The construction of green mines will basically form a pattern of green mines; by 2025, the overall goal of green mine construction will be fully realized, and the coordinated development of mining development and geological environmental protection will be realized; by 2035, on the basis of completing the goals and tasks of green mine construction, promote new green mines at all levels Normal construction and characteristic operation and precise and optimized management.

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